Want to ditch BPA ASAP? While it’s basically impossible to reduce contact to zero, taking the following precautions can greatly reduce the chance of exposure:

  • Watch for containers with recycling numbers 3 or 7, which indicate types of plastic that may — but do not always — contain BPA. Containers labeled number 7 that also say “BPA Free” should be safe.
  • Go fresh! Food bought fresh will have dramatically less BPA exposure than canned goods that use BPA liners.
  • Choose stainless steel water bottles over aluminum containers, which often require liners made with BPA.
  • Don’t using hard plastic containers in the microwave, and avoid filling containers with BPA with hot liquids. High temperatures can cause more BPA to leech into food and water.
  • Avoid handling receipts (when possible) or wash your hands immediately after touching them.
  • Shop smart! A quick online search will indicate whether there are BPA-free alternatives to your favorite containers.