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Meet Cheryl

I have never had issues with weight, other than in University, so trying to lose weight, especially this past time, has been challenging for me, both physically and emotionally.  I will always remember you for your encouragement, professionalism and wealth of knowledge. ~ Andrea

Owner of Evolution Fitness and Wellness Solutions

Trainer Level: Master Personal Trainer
Experience: 20 years
Education: University of Windsor, Psychology Degree with Sociology Minor


  • Certified Professional Trainers Network (CPTN) – Certified Personal Trainer
  • Advanced Cancer Exercise Specialist – The Cancer Exercise Training Institute
  • Cancer and the older Adult Advanced Qualification – The American Academy of Health & Fitness
  • Disordered Eating in Active & Sedentary Individuals – Human Kinetics
  • Certified Urban Poling Nordic Walking Instructor
  • Equalizer Level 1 Athletic Training Certification
  • YMCA Master Trainer Sports Conditioning
  • YMCA Certified Individual Conditioning Level 1,2 & 3 Trainer
  • YMCA Certified Group Fitness Trainer
  • Former Fitness Expert for Bridal Confidential Magazine
  • Former Fitness Expert for Parent Guide
  • First Aid, CPR

Affiliations with professional organizations:

  • CPTN – The CPTN is a Member driven organization with a focus to service our Members. Our Personal Trainer Certification is considered one of the best in Canada due to our high standards. We require that CPTN Certified Personal Trainers (CPTN-CPT) achieve a passing grade of 75% for application of knowledge in both theory and practical components.
  • Cancer Exercise Training Institute – To Educate Health and Fitness Professionals to Empower Cancer Survivors The Cancer Exercise Training Institute (CETI) was established in 1996 by nationally recognized author and Cancer Exercise Specialist Andrea Leonard in response to a growing need to provide scientifically-based, current information on exercise therapy as a critical component of cancer recovery. CETI provides health and fitness professionals with comprehensive coursework on twenty-five types of cancer, their surgeries and treatments, breast reconstruction, upper and lower body lymphedema prevention, identification, and management, cancer pain and fatigue, and comprehensive fitness evaluations including postural assessment and goniometry. In addition, CETI teaches targeted marketing strategies, enabling our graduates to create strategic partnerships with the medical professionals in their community, and positioning them as the “next step” in the health care continuum.


  • Personal Training (individual, couples, group)
  • Cancer Patient Post-Operative exercise and Quality of Life Programs
  • Boot Camps (ladies only, youth, couples, co-ed)
  • Fit Mama programs – boot camp, strollerfit, pole walking
  • Bridal Boot Camps
  • Urban Pole/Nordic Walking
  • Group Fitness Classes
  • Work Place Wellness Seminars
  • Sport Team Training-Specific Speed, Agility, Quickness and Strength programs

Personal Motivations to Exercise and healthful living:

I have a passion regarding health and exercise. I exercise for optimal health as well as being able to meet the challenges of daily living with ease. Exercise provides the best quality of life possible mentally, physically, emotionally and spiritually. I also view it as an investment in my future – use it or lose it! I have coined the phrase Health Savings Plan “HSP” and similar to your RSP’s you need to be making deposits daily and reviewing your health plan frequently. These deposit will help to lower your chances of succumbing to the 5 leading causes of death which are all due to POOR lifestyle choices; choices that can have a very powerful impact – positively or negatively on your quality of life. I believe in advocating for our rights as consumers to wholesome quality foods and products. I believe in the power of educating myself and my clients to ensure sound decisions can be made. YOUR health and the quality of it is YOUR responsibility. My hope is to inspire people to actively participate in making informed decisions when it comes to all aspects of their health.

Current Fitness and Diet Regime:

Just as the industry changes so does my fitness regime. As with most people my schedule is busy. My goal DAILY is to do something active for 15-45 minutes depending on my schedule. I keep things incredibly simple and efficient….quick, compound exercises using body weight, resistance and cardiovascular activities. I follow a healthy “organic whole foods” diet; drink plenty of water, live as “chemically-free as possible and try not to stress the small stuff. When I want to indulge…..I do so….IN MODERATION. Health for me is feeling strong mentally and physically, maintaining mobility and functionality to maintain my independence for as long as possible. My ultimate goal is to use my body how and when I want regardless of my age. It is about knowing how to make better choices to enhance my quality of life. Never think you know it all….there is always so much to learn and things change rapidly and constantly. I respect and admire just how amazing the human body is and intend to cherish the one I have.

Exercise Philosophy:

Exercise not only feels good but also reduces the risk of developing lifestyle related diseases (stroke, heart attack, diabetes, cancer), reduces stress, prevents depression and cognitive decline, improves self esteem and confidence just to list a few of the benefits. Regular exercise is also vital to ensuring that our bodies perform their best. Exercise tests one’s will power, self-discipline, and perseverance, and ultimately makes one stronger mentally & emotionally as much as physically. I love that! Our bodies are meant for movement. Muscle does not know age…..only non-use.


  • I grew up in Sarnia with my parents and younger sister
  • Former competitive gymnast
  • A very proud mom of three children Mackenzie, Kennedy, Nathan
  • Health advocate – educating and empowering individuals to live a healthier life
  • Worked for a Non-profit/Charitable Organization for 14 years before resigning in April of 2009 from my position as General Manager of the Sarnia Family YMCA to pursue my dream of owning my own Fitness/Wellness Company
  • Love to cook, eat and spend time outdoors
    I believe it is imperative to give back and I support numerous wonderful charities through fundraising events I host throughout the year.

The past 6 years have consisted of pursuing my dream of owning and growing a business. This has allowed me to embrace my true passion and aspiration to collaborate with individuals looking for something so much more meaningful than “just losing weight”. The struggles, learning’s and moments of doubt pale in comparison to how grateful and privileged I feel for the incredibly amazing people I have met. It is such a privilege to witness people surpassing goals they never thought possible. Pushing through boundaries and personal obstacles with more strength and confidence they never knew they possessed. With unwavering focus, determination and commitment to embracing a philosophy of living life in a healthy meaningful way is humbling. I am extremely fortunate and honored to have had the opportunity to work with some many individuals on their journeys towards maximizing their health and well being.

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