Barre Fitness

Barre Fitness

The BeyondBarre Result:

A true body sculpting, fat burning workout unlike ANY other
The BeyondBarre program is unlike any other thanks to its creative design and limitless workout variations.

BeyondBarre kicks up the intensity of the typical barre exercise program with its unique one of a kind cardio series. We have combined small, precise muscle movements and isometric holds to sculpt, strengthen, and stretch the muscles with an EXCLUSIVE cardio glide to increase endurance, stamina and balance while melting away fat.

The BeyondBarre method has the flexibility to be performed with only a ballet barre (or chair if you are at home) or it can be enhanced with weights, balls, resistance bands and the ice-skating inspired BeyondBarre Glide Board.

60 Minute session consists of:

  • Ballet barre leg work to build long lean legs
  • Free weight for upper body
  • A core strengthening series
  • Ice skating inspired BeyondBarre GlideBoard cardio

BeyondBarre is the unique body transforming cardio skating infused, ballet barre workout that combines:

  • Body sculpting
  • Fat Burning
  • Muscle Lengthening
  • Cardio intervals for incredible fat burning results
  • Barre work to sculpt thighs
  • Weights to strengthen upper body
  • Core strengthening to stream waistline
  • BeyondBarre GlideBoard for fun cardio

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September 7, 2015