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Top 10 reasons to workout with Cheryl ~ Heather

1. Cheryl has a spunky and infectious personality that spurs you to work your hardest.

2. Cheryl is genuinely interested in helping you reach your goals.

3. Cheryl’s classes are affordably priced and well worth the money!

4. Cheryl stresses quality over quantity and provides informed and knowledgeable instruction to ensure maximum results. Various levels of difficulty are demonstrated so you can begin at a comfortable level and strive to improve.

5. Cheryl is extremely knowledgeable about fitness and nutrition. She is always providing “food for thought”. Participating in her classes is paramount to digesting a fitness magazine. You get the activity and information all in one neat package.

6. Cheryl’s classes are fast paced and varied. You look forward to participating.

7. Cheryl works out alongside you. She leads by example, and it motivates you to push yourself.

8. Cheryl has proven to me what she has often said. The physical changes you desire can be achieved without entering a fitness facility or purchasing special equipment.

9. Cheryl is extremely personable and non-judgemental and her classes reflect this. The atmosphere is comfortable, welcoming and very encouraging.

10. Cheryl makes the most of your time. She provides 60 minutes of activity that pushes you to new heights of physical exertion. You leave the class knowing your time was well spent!


“Never before in my life have I actually enjoyed working out”. – Cheryl pushes me harder than I would ever push myself. The results I am achieving I have never come close to when I have worked out on my own & I actually never thought they would be possible.” ~ Angela


Finally Motivated – (after so many years) to get FIT because I feel great both mentally and physically. I’ve lost several inches in such a short period of time it’s inspired me to work hard and get big results! ~Steph


Knowledgeable and Positive – “I love the originality and diversity offered through the fitness program.” Cheryl is so knowledgeable and positive. She challenges and educates individuals to reach their goals. The works outs are unique and enjoyable. The atmosphere is intense without the stress. You make me want to excel. You are a great motivator! ~Nicole


30 lbs and 23.5 inches – lost since taking classes with Cheryl. Cheryl doesn’t just teach classes, she teaches a lifestyle. The classes are fun, motivating and empowering. She pushes you as hard as you want to be pushed in order to achieve your goals. Just when you think you can’t do it any more, she will show you you can! ~ Michelle


I love it!! I definitely feel my body changing and getting tighter I LOVE IT! Thank you to my muscles and to you Cheryl for motivating and pushing me! ~Lorraine


Kick in the Pants I Needed – Cheryl provides encouragement, motivation, challenge and variety on a consistent basis. Camps are fun and energizing. Cheryl is as sweet as can be and tough as nails too. She has been the kick in the pants I needed! ~Lisa


Told I have Great Muscles!! – I have participated in a variety of Cheryl’s classes. I have increased my strength, stamina, confidence and I am much more content with my physical appearance. I have noticed a significant difference in my upper body. My arms are significantly more defined. Last week my nephew asked if I was lifting weights and a complete stranger told me I had ”great muscles! ~ Heather

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