Inspiring people through passion, empowerment and education. Embracing meaningful changes to live life differently.

Who Is Evolution Fitness

Cheryl is very professional and knowledgeable… She is approachable and friendly and provides a very supportive environment in which to thrive… I struggled a little mentally; she picked right up on it, and helped me to push through it. Within 3 months I had lost 16 pounds and 20.75 inches! ~ Linda

Taking Good Care of YOU!

Evolution Fitness and Wellness Solutions is not your typical training service. Clients are offered a genuinely high quality, professional training and EDUCATIONAL experience. My goal is to inspire people through passion, empowerment and education. Collaborating with individuals who have a desire and commitment to themselves and their health journey. Embracing meaningful changes to live life differently . Individuals looking to transform not only how they look but how they feel and how they participate in life. Ultimately through this evolution understanding the importance of re-connecting and nurturing oneself from the inside out.


My training programs include a total body transformation that incorporates research based fitness instruction, nutritional education, empowerment and motivation. Each session is designed with a series of fun, consistently changing exercises created specifically to strengthen, and increase your overall fitness and well-being.

As a participant in any of my services you can expect:

  • Dramatic improvements in your energy levels, mental focus and self-confidence
  • Feel empowered and motivated
  • Increase in knowledge/awareness about fitness training, nutrition and environmental health
  • To feel healthy and happy – no matter what your age or fitness level
  • Increased power, strength and endurance
  • Improved athletic performance and functional fitness
  • Loss of inches, firmer body and improved body composite

No gimmicks or deceptive slogans!

Honesty and Integrity is what you will receive…..PERIOD! I refuse to inundate my website with false claims, negative self-shaming statements and gimmicks for the sake of trying to get a client. If you are looking for a refreshing honest approach on how to achieve a more meaningful, healthful life; I am committed to collaborating with you on your journey to embracing a more abundant way of being.

Services offered:

  • Personal Training (individual, couples, groups)
  • Barre Fitness
  • Health Coaching for Cancer Recovery
  • Boot Camps (ladies only, youth, couples, co-ed)
  • Bridal Boot Camp (Bride, Bride & Groom, Bride & Bridal Party)
  • Strollerfit
  • Urban Poling/Nordic Walking programs
  • Corporate Health and Wellness
  • Specialized Team Sport-Specific Development Programs: Speed, Agility, Quickness and Strength

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